Fat activist angry over South Park

I first caught South Park during university days in Melbourne.  Friends attending the same university and living in the same university-managed apartments would gather every Monday night to catch it together.  We had potluck dinners and watched Ally McBeal before South Park started.

After graduating and leaving Melbourne, I found a job which took up a lot of time.  It helped to wean me off the irreverent, politically incorrect and insanely funny cartoon series.  Sometimes I miss it, but there’re so many other hobbies and interests to take up my time that I don’t miss it all that much.

But reading an article where a fat activist ranted about ‘Safe Space’ changed all that.  In summary, South Park poked fun at fatties who post photos of themselves in social media platforms, then whine about people who don’t find beauty in their morbidly obese bodies.  They claim that they should have a safe space to love themselves and develop self esteem.


Help me here because I don’t understand it.  When you want to keep your home safe, what do you do?  You padlock it.  You arm it with safety alarm systems.  What you don’t do is open it up to all and sundry, right?  Well, if you post a photo of yourself on a social media platform with extremely high traffic, you’re NOT creating a ‘safe space’ for yourself!

It’s not others’ responsibility to create a safe space for you; if you want it, then privatise your account and only grant access to your echo chambers who want to shove the idea that being the size of an elephant is beautiful down everybody’s throats.  Don’t let anyone else see it.  Problem solved.

I’ve gone off tangent as I often do when something doesn’t make sense and the fat activist certainly didn’t make sense raging over a cartoon that is not known for political correctness.  Just like people who don’t find human hippos beautiful don’t need to look at them, you should perhaps not watch the cartoon if you find it soooooo triggering.  Get a life.  It’s just a cartoon!

Wishing you fun,



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