How to eat healthily – new post up!

The body positive community says that models are photoshopped to look like they’re a size 0 and that size 0 bodies are unrealistic and unattainable.  While I concede that those with larger frames will struggle to be size 0, it isn’t impossible for those for us who have smaller skeletal structures.  Eating well and being active will help us maintain this physique over time as well.

Even for those who can’t ever be a size 0, they can still work towards having a healthy body.  They’ll develop much healthier relationships with their bodies and be motivated enough to take better care of themselves.  They’ll also have more confidence and better body image.

How can that not be a good thing?  Rather than sit and moan about weight stigma and size discrimination, isn’t it far more productive to actually get down to improving themselves?  It really isn’t that hard; people have achieved this goal, like Cherry.  And she continues to put in the required effort!


What many don’t realise is that achieving a healthy body isn’t simply starving yourself.  It isn’t binge and purge.  It isn’t bulimia.  It isn’t anorexia.  It isn’t hours spent obsessing about exercise at the gym.  It isn’t a quick plan.  It is a slow and steady effort and health journey.

These are things I address in my weekly posts over at Hype The Fitness.  From what I eat to a basic plan to shed the pounds, as well as other myths spread by the body positive community busted, all are shared so that you can get a head-start and get the motivation to succeed where the body positive activists failed.

Some of us DO genuinely want to help you.  We want you to stop believing the lies that you’ve been bombarded with.  We don’t want you to give up hope.  We want you to try your very best and develop the confidence you want.  This is why we do this; we care.  But you’ll need to help us to help you and take that first step.

So check out the new post this week!  Good luck!

Wishing you fun,



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