My cousin-in-law lost weight!

There’re so many stupid research articles suggesting that eating well and moving doesn’t lead to weight loss?  Well, I’m happy to tell you that, after adopting better eating habits and being more active for 5 months, my cousin-in-law, Cherry, lost weight consistently.

Sure, her progress is slow, but she steadily shed the pounds and 2 dress sizes!  She was ecstatic when she could wear some of the clothes I gave her (many brand new) which were too big for me.  From an Asian size XL, she went down to L and now she fits into M!  She was so delighted when she could wear the sexy romper I gave her.


She was so thrilled, she asked to be photographed together with me.  Of course I obliged!  I’m very happy for her and her new-found confidence.  She readily shows off her slimmer physique now and is even more motivated to continue with her health journey : )

So, poo poo to the lousy research articles and the body positive/HAES activists who cite such pseudo-science as if it’s the gospel truth.  It isn’t.  So many people have lost weight by eating better and moving about.  Cherry doesn’t need to spend hours at the gym; yet, she did it.  Slow and steady!


She’s asked for more tips and I’m only happy to help.  Indirectly, my cousin, K, has been influenced after seeing her success.  Just because the body positive activists failed, doesn’t mean anyone else can’t succeed.  I hate that they’re spreading lies about losing weight and discouraging others from trying.

I’m determined to show her AND you readers, that sustained weight loss and keeping the weight off is possible.  Don’t believe the body positive activists’ lies!

Wishing you well,



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