Are you wearing blue today for World Autism Day?

Unlike the body positivity activists, who’re only concerned with making big bodies attractive to men (how narcissistic!), other important causes are dear to my heart.  Some of my friends have autistic children.  To witness their parents’ dedication to these very special kids warms me to the deepest cockles of my soul : )

So when Edwina asked me if I could wear blue to support World Autism Day, how could I say no? : )  For consecutive years now, I’ve been wearing blue and encourage colleagues and friends to show our support for these adorable children and their loving parents : )


Top S$3/-; skirt S$6/-!!!  Body positive activists, the problem doesn’t lie with the plus-sized clothes you complain so much about!!! 😛

Sorry, couldn’t resist that jab 😛  Their incessant whining is too annoying 😛

Others joined in the fun and wore blue, then sent our photos to Edwina so that she could compile them into collages.  So we badgered our other colleagues who didn’t wear blue to act as camera men.  Serves them right for not supporting such a worthy cause heh 😛



Wearing blue but not feeling blue! 😀

Being able to support meaningful causes that benefit others instead of ourselves makes life even richer.  It also shows that we’re not so self-centred, self-absorbed and narcissistic that we only participate in causes that benefit ourselves in some way.  Doing this also builds better friendships : )


So are you in blue today, for World Autism Day?  If not, go dig out some of your blue clothes and support a worthy cause!  It’ll make you a much better person than the narcissistic and selfish body positive activists! 😀

Wishing you fun,



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