#BodyPositive 2016 – Eat those fruits!

This blog doesn’t feature enough fruits!  Well, part of healthy eating involves indulging in guilt-free snacks and dessert (ice cream and brownies don’t make me feel guilty, but that’s for another entry, which will be posted soon :P).  Singapore lies right smack across the equator so not only are we blasted with furnace-like heat, it’s bloody humid as well.

On the days we bake and sweat buckets under the searing sun, nothing is more refreshing than chilled fruit.  They’re nature’s thirst-quenchers and taste heavenly when we’re wilting from the heat.  I’m not a fan of soft and mushy fruit like bananas, papayas and durians, but mangoes and dragonfruit are very juicy, sweet and nutritious!


We’re so lucky that there’re stalls selling peeled and sliced fruit, so all we need to do is eat them! 😛  Although I wish there was more variety, it’s not economically feasible for these stalls to stock too many fruits since these are perishable and not everybody buys them.  Still, no harm hoping that they will sell pomelo segments, which I adore 😛


Pineapple and honeydew, cut up and served with ice, serve as guilt-free popsicles!  I have a huge plate when my body is screaming to be cooled down : )  They’re sweet, juicy and VERY satisfying.  Popsicles are yummy, yes, but they leave me feeling thirsty after eating them.  Fruit, on the other hand, doesn’t.

So reach for some fruit when the weather heats up.  Cut them, store them in an airtight container and, when you feel scorched by the sun, indulge in some icy, refreshing goodness!

Wishing you fun,



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