My fat exes

Lest you think I’m a fat shamer or am anti fat people, think again.  I’ve been with fat men before my man.  However, these relationships were always short-lived.  While I adored their warm personalities, too many disagreements erupted over our different lifestyles.  Eventually, we had to go our separate ways.  I always felt relieved that I was free to be myself again.

Although my fat exes were overall nice people, they didn’t gel with my habits.  When I dressed up to go out, they would get upset.  Why did I need to wear makeup?  Why did I need to wear something so nice?  Why did I need to blow-dry my hair?  In order to avoid nasty arguments, I became a slob like them and felt miserable the entire time.  It wasn’t me.  I wasn’t happy.  I hated taking photos although they loved to.

Instead of being active, they kept me indoors.  I watched telly a lot and was bored to pieces.  I was restless and fidgety.  They kept feeding me even though I was too full after all the food.  Slowly and steadily, I felt trapped in an existence and a relationship I no longer wanted.


Finally, I made the decision that while fat guys are great as friends, I’ll not be romantically involved with 1 again.  It wasn’t worth the countless arguments over my basic nature.  I would rather be single than be an unhappy slob.  Had they simply been the slobs they were without trying to dictate that I be the same, many quarrels could’ve been avoided.

Sure, my man and I have arguments sometimes, but they don’t involve something as fundamental as lifestyles and habits.  We enjoy being active, together or separately.  We don’t stop each other.  We enjoy dressing up and looking our best when we step out of the home.  We don’t enjoy being slobs.  I don’t feel stifled when it comes to something basic, like my appearance.

If this makes people think we’re shallow, so be it.  Perhaps we value different things in life.  Still, I’ll never be romantically involved with fat men again.  The quarrels just aren’t worth it.  I’d rather feel good and happy.

Wishing you fun,



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