#BodyPositive 2016 – indulgence

Healthy weight people are anorexics?  I’ve shown you numerous times in this blog that this is a lie fatlogicians tell to make themselves feel better.  There’s too much good food out there for us to want to starve and deprive ourselves.  This includes delicious Chinese New Year goodies!


My mum loves pineapple tarts.  Since my colleague’s mum makes them, I ordered some for us to enjoy.  These tasty butter cookies topped with stewed pineapple in pineapple jam, are heavenly with hot hazelnut coffee!  My colleague’s mum, sweetheart that she is, even threw in the plain pineapple tarts without pineapple for free because I love them!


This is how this NORMAL woman of a HEALTHY WEIGHT eats.  Anorexics would avoid these sinful treats like the plague!  I don’t cut cookies, tarts and dessert out entirely.  In fact, I do consume them from time to time.  The secret is: healthy weight people do not eat them every single day.  This is partly how we don’t grow into morbidly obese sizes like some people in the US and the UK.

Once these were finished, I naturally went back to my usual daily eating habits.  That’s all.  Does it seem like torment to you?  No, right?  If it helps to convince you to try eating more healthily, then I’ll keep right on doing this so that more people benefit from awareness.

Wishing you fun,



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