Healthy weight is NOT genetics

The obese community and their politically correct sheeples apologists give a multitude of reasons for their inability to lose weight, from slow metabolisms, imaginary conditions and genetics to fresh food being expensive/inconvenient to buy to being exhausted from work.

The fatosphere also harp on and on about thin privilege, insinuating that those of us who’re able to maintain a healthy weight didn’t need to put in any effort to do so.  According to them, we either have super metabolisms equivalent to mice or simply have superior genetics.

How about no?


I’m at an age where a teenage metabolism is far behind me.  My spine was injured in a bad car crash.  I got this physique by eating well and indulging in moderation, power walking regularly and being active.  My life isn’t sedentary.  I’m proud of what I’ve achieved even if it’s not a perfect body.

It isn’t a coincidence nor genetics that helped me remain the same size as I was in college many years ago.  It’s the combination of discipline, consideration for my loved ones and the dislike for being idle.  It isn’t a fitness model’s figure, but it’s still bikini-ready.

Staying at a healthy weight isn’t done by sheer luck.  I wasn’t blessed with the bestestestest genetics in the world.  And if there’s such a thing as thin privilege, then I sure as hell earned that privilege.

Wishing you fun,



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