Backlash against Tess Holliday

In a previous entry, I wrote that people don’t dislike Tess Holliday because of her size but due to her attitude.  As the morbidly obese model is exposed time and again by her photographers and scammed customers, her arrogance, nastiness, sense of entitlement, lack of integrity, greed and unethical behaviour are more apparent.

Frequently, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes when we view her gorgeous photos (and she DOES have a breathtakingly beautiful, albeit photoshopped, face).  Apparently, those who work(ed) with and found her insufferable are finally speaking out, exposing her for the hypocrite she is.


It’s amazing how Tess Holliday – and her morbidly obese fans who relate to her – deceived the public.  She’s not a real body positive activist; she’s doing it for her own monetary benefit.  Her greed (of food, money and validation for her appearance) got the better of her once she achieve fame (or notoriety).

Her arrogance has always bugged me.  While I found her face gorgeous, her attitude problem was a huge turn-off.  In a way, I’m glad that she’s been exposed for the horrid person she really is.  Finally, people are waking up and realising that this ‘angel’ CAN do wrong.  TONS of wrong!

I’m just glad that people are waking up to what kind of person Tess Holliday really is instead of giving her a free pass just because she’s obese.

Wishing you fun,



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