Anyone else sick of the body positive talk?

I’m not referring about what being body positive means in this blog but what is echoed elsewhere throughout cyberspace.  Every other day, there seems to be a new article dissuading people from eating healthily, telling women that being obese is ok, claiming that body shaming is harmful, etc.

Even the news that Ashley Graham making it to the front cover of Sports Illustrated was covered to death by all the feminist and body positive websites.  Why is fat a political statement?  Why is there a need for body diversity on TV, in the movies, publications and in music?


Something’s fishyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

The obese community applauded Ashley Graham and claimed that she’s much more beautiful and healthier than ‘stick thin models’.  Nope, sorry.  There’re many who’ll disagree.  Just because the majority of the US is overweight doesn’t make being fat more attractive and healthier.

Accepting resigning yourself to being fat/obese all your life isn’t going to improve your quality of life.  Think about it; Tess Holliday can’t even stand up on her own!  How is this remotely healthy?  Human beings aren’t built to carry so much flesh on our bodies.  Being fat slows us down too.

Body positivity should mean doing good things for our bodies.  Instead, most people turn it into abusing themselves with food and sedentary lifestyles.  It’s body negativity at its finest.

Wishing you fun,



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