Sinful indulgences

Cat and I enjoyed girls’ nights out together on a couple of weekends : )  On the first, I took her to 3 Bars at Chinese Swimming Club for some good music, finger food and beers.  The place was packed with customers enjoying the live band and relaxing with tasty munchies!


Fries and spam cubes and chicken wings


Mixed hotdogs

We chatted till the wee hours of the morning and it was great!  Girl friends know what we go through and keep us sane when the going gets tough.  It’s hard to depend on men sometimes because they’re unemotional and can’t relate to what we’re feeling at times.

On the next get together, Cat took me to a karaoke joint.  We sang, chatted and ate some more!


Chicken cheese balls


Prawn paste chicken


Giant hash browns

Long after Cat got full, I was still happily munching on all the food.  She was amazed at how much I could shovel into my mouth hahaha 😛  She can now attest to the fact that, contrary to what people who don’t know me well believe, I eat A LOT 😛  So there you go, slender people don’t starve! 😛

Wishing you fun,



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