#BodyPositivity 2016 – live, love, grow!

At any weight, women can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.  Within the body positive community, some of them demonstrate that they’re coming round to the idea that, while they may never be thin, they already have much to be grateful for.

We need to come to terms with the fact that many of us will never achieve the perfection presented to us in glossy magazines.  Few of us will ever make it to the Miss Universe finals as we are and really, that is ok.

We need to understand that everybody has a different fate and destiny.  If all of us are models and celebrities, who’s left to fill the positions in other industries?  Who will provide wonderful service and professional advice when we need it?


It’s ok not to lead glamourous lives in the public eye.  It’s ok not to own jet planes and prohibitively expensive vintage cars by the dozen.  It’s ok not to be able to fly to another country on a whim just to have lunch by some romantic river.

It’s ok not to possess the coveted and desired hourglass figure.  It’s ok that we break out in zits from time to time.  It’s ok not to wake up with fabulously tousled hair and a full face of makeup every morning.  It’s ok to have flaws.

What we can do is embark on a journey of self improvement.  We can eat better.  We can buy more nutritious fresh food.  We can experiment in the kitchen with different sauces and spices.  Our meals may not look like what Gordon Ramsay’s proteges churn out and it’s ok too.

We can update our wardrobes.  We can browse fashion magazines for tips and do so without being offended just because stylists say we can’t wear crop tops.  We can mix and match our outfits to find a prettier combination.

We can improve our personality flaws.  We can stop being hypersensitive.  We can develop our own inner strength so that we don’t place the burden on anyone else to be our emotional crutch.  We can be better daughters, granddaughters, friends, colleagues, aunties, parents and spouses/partners.

We can find ways to perform more efficiently at work.  We can be more effective leaders.  We can work on gaining respect rather than demanding it unconditionally.  We can find hobbies that don’t chip away at our body image.

There’re so many ways we can develop confidence.  Heck, we can love others better and they’ll love us in return.  But in order to do that, we really need to first love ourselves.  Nobody owes that to us, we need to do the work.

Let this year be the year you’re ready for it.

Wishing you fun,



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