Why I can’t respect feminazis

So many radical feminists brag that they’re ‘strong and independent’ and bash ladies they deem ‘red pill’, traditional or feminine by sneering that they’re ‘weak and dainty’.  However, as shown in my previous entry, strength comes in many forms.  One can be feminine AND be emotionally very strong at the same time.  Conversely, when people stand up to feminazis’ bullying, guess what they do?


Paint themselves as victims.

Scream about oppression.

Because of these shrieking witches, I refuse to embrace feminism, ever.  They’re the worst bunch of bullies towards men and women who disagree with their views or won’t support their agenda.  They resort to doxing and hitting people below the belt in order to have their way.  They slam those dissenters by insulting them maliciously and spitefully.  These people are just vile and vicious.


You wanna be ‘strong and independent’?  Try this.  Instead of bitching that life is unfair, work for what you want.  You want high salaries and designer goods?  Work for it.  You want respect and accolades?  Work for it.  You want to get your life in order and be a successful and vibrant individual?  Work for it.  Try this instead of writing lengthy, boring and whiny articles, DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

Losers will complain endlessly about how unfair the world is, forgetting that nobody is obliged to give them anything.  Winners will try their best, fail, get up, dust themselves off and try again.  It’s also the reason winners are more respected than losers.  Losers’ attitudes suck.  How do they expect sympathy when they lack the willpower and drive to do something to improve their own lives?

It’s the same thing with fat acceptance.  Sure, they deserve basic respect as human beings, but their whining doesn’t win them many fans amongst those who had to put in the effort to better themselves and succeeded.  They try to give them pointers when all these losers want is sympathy and coddling.  Who has time to be dragged down when we can interact with winners who have more positive attitudes?

Wishing you fun,



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