#BodyPositive 2016 – salads with Yen Ling

Yen Ling’s birthday was in January and we took turns to buy her meals.  She complained that she felt extremely bloated and ill after too many treats because the people she ate with love to order way too much food.  Since they didn’t want food to go to waste, they forced themselves to finish it.  So she was happy when I offered to buy her a salad lunch : )

Back it was to Dimbulah.  We ordered the Mediterrean salad, topped with smoked salmon for me and grilled prawns for her.  She declined soup, so I ordered the carrot and capsicum soup.  Then we had a wonderful catch up while enjoying our food.  We found the salad yummy!  The carrot and capsicum soup was also flavourful and tasty.  A meal is more enjoyable when it’s healthy : )


Enjoying food doesn’t mean we need to stuff ourselves to the point where it’s hard to breathe.  Instead, eating delicious food to the point where we’re full is even better.  Bloatedness isn’t a good feeling, so why would we want a meal to feel like torment at the end?  Doesn’t it make more sense to have a meal feel good all the way through by not stuffing ourselves to the brink?



My man used to eat till he was too full to breathe before we got together.  Over time, he gradually adopted my eating habits.  Today, although he still won’t touch salads and is still picky when it comes to veggies he will eat, he has proper meals and enjoys eating fresh food.  He feels tons better too!

Health is a long journey with no end.  It’s filled with food adventures and exposure to new ways of living that make our lives even more colourful.  If we don’t have enough energy to partake in fun activities, how good is our quality of life?  Do something for yourselves and your families.  Give it a try!

Wishing you fun,



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