Body confidence

Loving our bodies means we take care of them.  Eating well and being active does wonders for our self esteem.  If we’ve worked hard and achieved results, we can be justifiably proud of our efforts.  This is true body confidence.  Posing nude and jumping at the chance to take our clothes off to prove that fat is beautiful isn’t body confidence.

If the obese women who’re so happy to be naked in front of professional photographers are as confident as they want others to believe, why are they upset when these photos are published online and people criticise their bodies?  Shouldn’t they be confident enough not to care what strangers think?

Everybody is different; we have differing tastes and preferences.  If you’re so eager to have your nude photos published in websites with high viewership, then be prepared for criticism.  Everybody is different; we have differing tastes and preferences and we have the right to voice them in a public platform.

I’m proud of my body because I achieved it despite a spine injury and supposedly slowing metabolism.  Yet, I only share it in my blog and, sometimes, in my private Facebook account.  In all my photos, I’m clothed because modesty is still very much an Asian virtue.


True body confidence is knowing that you’ve made the effort and achieved the results you want.  Criticism can’t hurt you.  You don’t expect everyone to love your body.  You’re happy with what you’ve worked for.  Posing nude?  Thanks, I’ll pass.

Wishing you fun,



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