#BodyPositive 2016 – Totally sinful indulgence

Healthy eating isn’t about total deprivation, unless your job requires you to maintain stringent fitness levels.  I’m glad to just be a normal person working a normal job as there’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to my diet.  At the same time, I respect and admire the discipline and dedication of fitness professionals and athletes!

Well, my man loves sinful food and we indulge on weekends.  Oh come now, what can taste better with beer than the greasy, the salty and the fatty? 😛  I posted a recipe for the healthy version of loco moco sometime back.  In order to make things more interesting, I varied the ingredients a little by eliminating the broccoli and just using carrots and potatoes.  I also added hot dogs in addition to spam.

The method of cooking it is exactly the same, so I won’t bore you with rehashed details.  But just to show you that folks of a healthy weight don’t lead miserable lives drinking kale juice and nibbling on carrot and celery sticks like the fat activists allege, here are the photos that bust their lies ; )


The potatoes, baby carrots and hot dogs form the bottom layer.


Golden brown crisp spam topped with the creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs he loves so much : )


Finally, a little black pepper and brown gravy with a dash of sherry.

We eat this WITH BEER.  During our weekend getaway, my cousin asked how we can drink beer and remain our size.  Well, it’s all about eating mostly fresh food on week days so we can indulge ourselves on weekends which start on Friday after work 😛  Colleagues who didn’t know me well now realise that I don’t actually need to starve myself in order to remain at a healthy weight.

Some colleagues are now trying to adopt healthier eating habits and they’ve made some progress.  You can discover the same if you would just give yourself a chance instead of believing the lies that fat activists spread.  Yes, it isn’t easy.  Yes, it still requires some adjustment.  But isn’t it worth it when you KNOW you’ll enjoy a better quality of life because you can be involved in the same activities as your loved ones?

Think about it : )

Wishing you fun,



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