#BodyLove 2016 – Crabalicious treats!

My man – bless him – knows I love seafood.  Prawns, fish, clams, mussels, crayfish and lobsters, I love them all!  And I adore crab!  So when he thinks it’s time to pamper me a little, he orders a crab and brings it back as a surprise.  The best way to eat the freshest crabs is the way Grandma cooked them – steamed with egg white, sliced ginger and Chinese rice wine.


My word, this is SO good!  Not only is the dish healthy, the flavours don’t overwhelm the tender, succulent and fresh crab meat.  So one really gets to taste the sweetness of the flesh.  I like female ones because of the tasty roe too.  Many people are afraid of cholesterol levels skyrocketing after consuming seafood, but their worries are unfounded.  I eat them often and… nothing happens.  My health readings are fine.


In fact, what people mistakenly view as cholesterol-laden foods are actually VERY good for us!  The most important thing to observe when eating any type of food is, moderation is key.  Junk food is far more harmful to our cholesterol levels and arteries than fresh seafood and egg yolks.  If we don’t gorge ourselves on rubbish daily, we can eat a lot of fresh food – including seafood and crab roe – without worrying about our health.

There’re many who tell me stuff like, “You’re so lucky, you can eat all that and not get fat” or “How could you eat the amount you eat and remain so slim?”  It’s not a secret – I eat mostly fresh food except on cheat days, i.e. weekends.  I power walk regularly.  I’m active on most days and am energetic.  That’s it.  There’s no other formula.  It’s also the reason I don’t need to obsess over calories the way fat activists claim slim people do.

Choose your food wisely and you can enjoy the same lifestyle, without restrictions and guilt trips about food the way fat activists do.  I wish you success.

Wishing you fun,



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