Fat activists and the victim Olympics

Yes.  This is what it all boils down to, isn’t it?  Fat activists claiming to be oppressed when they haven’t been tortured and enjoy basic rights like everybody else around them.  They have access to higher education.  They can find employment.  They’re able to afford food.  They have a roof over their heads.  They have access to medical treatment.

But just like they’re never satisfied with food, they’re not satisfied with basic rights, which is what fat acceptance was about at the beginning.  Instead, they demand more.  If things don’t go their way, they claim that they’re oppressed and that they’re miserable victims of the powerful patriarchy, media, society or people who don’t grow to the size of barnyard animals.

It’s amazing that many Americans don’t see the manipulative methods the fat activists use to bulldoze their way through anything and don’t care who they run roughshod over.  Either that or the companies that pander to their whims and fancies realise that this pool of customers is a huge cash cow and milk them by gratifying their massive egos.


‘Oh, muh fee fees!  Oppression!’

Erm, seriously?  Has it ever occurred to them to check up historical data about what oppression really means?  Or have they greedily taken over the use of this word, along with ‘curvy’ and every other euphemism they use to describe their morbidly obese bodies?  What fat people go through is NOT oppression, nor even close to it!  They’re enjoying privileges that the previously oppressed slaves never did!

Rachel Taylor, the joke who cried when she overheard comments made about a top at Old Navy (about A TOP, not her!!!) and who returned to the store to purchase the very top commented about, was lauded for her ‘bravery’ and ‘courage’ when she posted the photo of herself wearing it and sharing that ridiculous story.  Thankfully, some people were sensible enough to point out that she was overly sensitive and projecting her self loathing.

Rachel Taylor was NOT a victim.  Fat people aren’t.  If they want equal treatment, then put in the effort equivalent to those of us who lead relatively healthy lives!

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2 thoughts on “Fat activists and the victim Olympics

  1. I hate it when fat people call themselves “curvy”. Curvy is having a nipped in waist with a great bustline and a round ass. Someone with rolls of fat and no waist is NOT curvy.

    Instead of whining about “fat acceptance” or “weightism”, these types need to focus on losing weight and becoming healthier!

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