#BodyLove 2016 – A typical meal

Fat activists love to claim that slender women need to starve themselves in order to maintain their weight.  Other nonsensical allegations include surviving on carrot and celery sticks, nibbling on kale and drinking weird juice concoctions.  However, when one bothers to take a look at what healthy people eat, all these lies are instantly busted.  Pancakes with berries, digestive cookies with peanut butter, meat, etc, slim people cook and bake these treats and consume them!

Similarly, I like to show you that we’re not anorexics at all.  We’re not afraid of food, many of us are actually your typical foodies!  Life is too short to lead one of deprivation.  On most days, however, it’s good for our bodies to eat fresh and to consume balanced meals.  Our systems need adequate nutrients in order to remain in tip top condition and depriving them of essential vitamins just to maintain a healthy weight isn’t very healthy at all, is it?


In order to illustrate, I’ll show you 2 examples of my typical meals.  These are dishes one can order from any stall, eaten with rice or porridge.  There’s a balance of carbohydrates, meat and veggies.  I rotate the dishes so that my system is provided with a variety of nutrients and vitamins.


Be honest with yourselves; do you think anorexics would want to eat close to even a quarter of this amount of food?  There’s fried fish and chicken curry, for crying out loud!  They would be shuddering at how much fat or the number of calories in each dish!  Yet, fat activists deny that slim and healthy individuals CAN consume proper food.  How is this honesty and transparency?

Eating fresh food and making sure meals are balanced keeps me at a healthy weight and gives me lots of energy for activities.  My days are busy, especially when helping my relative with physiotherapy exercises.  I can’t afford to skip meals or deny my system adequate nutrients and vitamins to keep it functioning well!

Wishing you fun,



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