Personality vs looks

I agree with the body positive community that personality counts.  It does.  A LOT.  How many of us have gone on dates with a babe/stud only to be bored after an hour?  How many of us have spent time with friends only to be appalled by the way they treat service staff?  The examples are countless.

Many people are deluded enough to think that personality is all that should matter and appearance shouldn’t.  They accuse those who judge others by looks of being shallow.  This isn’t strictly true.  I was brought up to believe that the external reflects our internal beliefs, attitudes and personalities.

Don’t believe me?  Let me show you some examples Google came up with.

Do you think they’re happy?

Do you think they’re fun?

Do you think they even laugh?

My point exactly.  Our appearance shows whether we’re approachable, friendly, feminine, sweet, happy and well-adjusted individuals.  Like it or not, this is reality.  What we choose to reflect externally is really a manifestation of who we are on the inside.

While I keep stressing that we don’t need to look like supermodels and it’s ok, we also should be realistic enough to acknowledge that appearance matters to an extent.  Playful and bubbly vibes don’t just magically get transmitted to other people via magnetic waves.  We create them and the first way to do so is with our appearance.


It shows on our faces and in our body language whether we’re hypercritical, domineering (or ‘strong and independent’), whiny and selfish or whether we’re fun, lighthearted and feminine.  This is also the reason we don’t need to brag about how ‘awesome’ we are.  If we appeal to people, they’ll gravitate towards us.  If we don’t, well, they’ll be repulsed.

I’m not saying that we should devote 100% of our time to grooming.  All I’m stating is, appearance does count because it sends out unspoken messages more than we realise.  Food for thought!

Wishing you fun,



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