#BodyPositive 2016 – what is a real woman?

The body positive community is correct to say that most advertisements feature heavily airbrushed models.  Photoshop is 1 of the most popular tools to achieve the image of a perfect figure.  Increasingly, however, ‘real women’ refers to plus-sized, fat or obese women.  So where does that leave slender or healthy weight women?  Sorry, but I never got the memo that only heavy women are real.

I wasn’t born with large boobs.  I can’t wear cleavage-baring tops and dresses.  Thankfully, whilst I’m not fantastically curvy, my stomach doesn’t extend further than my boobs.  Since I don’t have silicon breast implants, it makes me just as natural and real as any fat women.  My body is shown as is in this blog, without any Photoshopping done.

Heck, if I were to do any Photoshopping, I would give myself bigger boobs, but what is the point?  It would only be deceiving readers.  I’d much rather be authentic.


At an ‘unrealistic’ and ‘unattainable’ size 0, I’m as real as any of you.  Even if the SJWs manage to ban some advertisements and words which they deem offensive, they can’t ban the existence of slender women the world over, and there’re plenty of us left to offend your eyes if you’re dumb enough to let our existence ruin your self esteem.

Should I be offended by women with gorgeous big and jiggly boobs?  Well, I’m not.  Am I jealous of them?  Of course not!  I could’ve changed my appearance and gone under the knife, but heck, I’m scared of pain.  No implants, boohoo, but honestly, so what?  I’m not going to shrivel up and feel unattractive simply because somebody with larger boobs appears in front of me.

I won’t appeal to guys who like big breasts and it’s perfectly fine.  I don’t shame them for their preference the way fat women shame them for preferring slender figures.  There’s someone for everyone.  Every woman is real, like I am.  And if being a ‘real woman’ means being obese, I’d rather remain unreal, unrealistic and unattainable.

Wishing you fun,



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