Anorexic vs healthy and slender

As people grow heavier in countries where fat acceptance is rampant, they lose sight of what is actually a healthy weight.  They lobby for what is deemed as a healthy weight to be adjusted higher so that they may be included and ‘obesity’ may be classified as ‘overweight’ instead.  Slender yet perfectly healthy bodies are mistaken for skeletal and anorexic.

The following images of bodies belonging to anorexic sufferers are painful to look at.  Sincere apologies to them for sharing these photos which showed up as part of a Google search.  I hope they’ll receive the help they need to recover from their fear of food and being fat.  It’s an extremely tormenting existence which I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Anorexia sufferers require professional medical help to overcome their eating disorders and fear of food.  They’re very different from naturally slender women who’re at a healthy weight, even if they’re a size 2 and below.  I’m a size 0 but my body isn’t as thin as that of anorexic sufferers.  So take a look at a naturally slender body.


Note the difference?  Skeletal or anorexic bodies don’t have plump, fleshy thighs like mine.  They certainly don’t eat the way I do 😛  There’s a large range in between skeletal and obese where we normal folks can fall into and still be healthy.  My BMI certainly doesn’t fall below normal and healthy slim levels.  And I have enough body fat covering those bones 😛

So if your view about what constitutes a healthy weight has been skewed because you’re surrounded by heavy people in your respective countries, perhaps it’s time for a proper re-orientation of your perception of what is anorexic versus what is naturally slim but healthy.  My body is attainable.  I did it with a spine injury.  You can do much better!

Wishing you fun,



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