Men who prefer slender women are gays

I burst out laughing when I read this in the comments section of a body positive article.  The (obviously obese) woman was trying to shame a dude who prefers slender women and said that guys like him are gays because slender women have bodies that resemble little boys.

Other related or similar comments run the gamut from thin women being so emaciated, they don’t have meat on their bones to thin women not having butts.  So let’s take a look at whether their claims are true.  I’m a size 0.  I’m 5’4″, weigh between 113 to 117 lbs and maintain a BMI of below 21.  Do I have an ass?


You bet!  And a perky, cellulite-free one at that!  Compare and contrast this to the butts and legs of these 2 plus-sized models who openly admit to eating burgers and pizza:

Tess Holliday (the photo on the right was photoshopped to show what she would look like if she lost weight)

Ashley Graham

So dudes who prefer slender women, go you!  Don’t be shamed into accepting something you don’t prefer.

Wishing you fun,



A Body Positive Collaboration!

I’m soooooo excited!  Bryan, the owner of Team DBG, approached me and asked if I would like to contribute posts to his website.  Of course!  It would be fun to help those who wish to adopt healthier lifestyles! 😀  Also, there should be some changes to this blog to spice things up a little.

So, you can read my posts for health tips at Team DBG and ogle my body at the same time 😛  In the meantime, here, I can switch things up a bit and write about travel, friends, fashion and other stuff.  My posts should be weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how much time I have to write.  But I’ll notify you as well if there’s a new update!


So if you want to be the healthiest you can be, do pop by.  There’s a new post up already! 😀  Do something POSITIVE for your BODY today!

Wishing you fun,


#BodyPositive 2016 – Eat those fruits!

This blog doesn’t feature enough fruits!  Well, part of healthy eating involves indulging in guilt-free snacks and dessert (ice cream and brownies don’t make me feel guilty, but that’s for another entry, which will be posted soon :P).  Singapore lies right smack across the equator so not only are we blasted with furnace-like heat, it’s bloody humid as well.

On the days we bake and sweat buckets under the searing sun, nothing is more refreshing than chilled fruit.  They’re nature’s thirst-quenchers and taste heavenly when we’re wilting from the heat.  I’m not a fan of soft and mushy fruit like bananas, papayas and durians, but mangoes and dragonfruit are very juicy, sweet and nutritious!


We’re so lucky that there’re stalls selling peeled and sliced fruit, so all we need to do is eat them! 😛  Although I wish there was more variety, it’s not economically feasible for these stalls to stock too many fruits since these are perishable and not everybody buys them.  Still, no harm hoping that they will sell pomelo segments, which I adore 😛


Pineapple and honeydew, cut up and served with ice, serve as guilt-free popsicles!  I have a huge plate when my body is screaming to be cooled down : )  They’re sweet, juicy and VERY satisfying.  Popsicles are yummy, yes, but they leave me feeling thirsty after eating them.  Fruit, on the other hand, doesn’t.

So reach for some fruit when the weather heats up.  Cut them, store them in an airtight container and, when you feel scorched by the sun, indulge in some icy, refreshing goodness!

Wishing you fun,


Beachside dining

Life is miserable without friends.  Wei Meng and I have been pals for over 9 years now.  We’ve been there for each other during tough times and built a solid friendship which we depend on loads.  During a particularly rough period, he cheered me up by introducing me to a new restaurant at the East Coast beach – Full Pint Brewery and Fish Bar.


He whizzed by to pick me up at 10pm (yes, which meant we ate and drank alcohol till past midnight :P).  The restaurant has a casual chic ambience.  There was a live band but the music wasn’t too loud so it didn’t drown out our conversation.  We had quite a good time with our drinks and food : )


Cheese fries


Fried chicken

There’re times when my man and I have disagreements.  It can be very frustrating.  Guy friends are great because they provide their perspective, which gives me more insight into my man’s stubbornness.  In a way, I understand his burdens better and am able to be more accommodating.


Always nice to have some TLC from friends : )

Wishing you fun,


My fat exes

Lest you think I’m a fat shamer or am anti fat people, think again.  I’ve been with fat men before my man.  However, these relationships were always short-lived.  While I adored their warm personalities, too many disagreements erupted over our different lifestyles.  Eventually, we had to go our separate ways.  I always felt relieved that I was free to be myself again.

Although my fat exes were overall nice people, they didn’t gel with my habits.  When I dressed up to go out, they would get upset.  Why did I need to wear makeup?  Why did I need to wear something so nice?  Why did I need to blow-dry my hair?  In order to avoid nasty arguments, I became a slob like them and felt miserable the entire time.  It wasn’t me.  I wasn’t happy.  I hated taking photos although they loved to.

Instead of being active, they kept me indoors.  I watched telly a lot and was bored to pieces.  I was restless and fidgety.  They kept feeding me even though I was too full after all the food.  Slowly and steadily, I felt trapped in an existence and a relationship I no longer wanted.


Finally, I made the decision that while fat guys are great as friends, I’ll not be romantically involved with 1 again.  It wasn’t worth the countless arguments over my basic nature.  I would rather be single than be an unhappy slob.  Had they simply been the slobs they were without trying to dictate that I be the same, many quarrels could’ve been avoided.

Sure, my man and I have arguments sometimes, but they don’t involve something as fundamental as lifestyles and habits.  We enjoy being active, together or separately.  We don’t stop each other.  We enjoy dressing up and looking our best when we step out of the home.  We don’t enjoy being slobs.  I don’t feel stifled when it comes to something basic, like my appearance.

If this makes people think we’re shallow, so be it.  Perhaps we value different things in life.  Still, I’ll never be romantically involved with fat men again.  The quarrels just aren’t worth it.  I’d rather feel good and happy.

Wishing you fun,


#BodyPositive 2016 – indulgence

Healthy weight people are anorexics?  I’ve shown you numerous times in this blog that this is a lie fatlogicians tell to make themselves feel better.  There’s too much good food out there for us to want to starve and deprive ourselves.  This includes delicious Chinese New Year goodies!


My mum loves pineapple tarts.  Since my colleague’s mum makes them, I ordered some for us to enjoy.  These tasty butter cookies topped with stewed pineapple in pineapple jam, are heavenly with hot hazelnut coffee!  My colleague’s mum, sweetheart that she is, even threw in the plain pineapple tarts without pineapple for free because I love them!


This is how this NORMAL woman of a HEALTHY WEIGHT eats.  Anorexics would avoid these sinful treats like the plague!  I don’t cut cookies, tarts and dessert out entirely.  In fact, I do consume them from time to time.  The secret is: healthy weight people do not eat them every single day.  This is partly how we don’t grow into morbidly obese sizes like some people in the US and the UK.

Once these were finished, I naturally went back to my usual daily eating habits.  That’s all.  Does it seem like torment to you?  No, right?  If it helps to convince you to try eating more healthily, then I’ll keep right on doing this so that more people benefit from awareness.

Wishing you fun,


Backlash against Tess Holliday

In a previous entry, I wrote that people don’t dislike Tess Holliday because of her size but due to her attitude.  As the morbidly obese model is exposed time and again by her photographers and scammed customers, her arrogance, nastiness, sense of entitlement, lack of integrity, greed and unethical behaviour are more apparent.

Frequently, we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes when we view her gorgeous photos (and she DOES have a breathtakingly beautiful, albeit photoshopped, face).  Apparently, those who work(ed) with and found her insufferable are finally speaking out, exposing her for the hypocrite she is.


It’s amazing how Tess Holliday – and her morbidly obese fans who relate to her – deceived the public.  She’s not a real body positive activist; she’s doing it for her own monetary benefit.  Her greed (of food, money and validation for her appearance) got the better of her once she achieve fame (or notoriety).

Her arrogance has always bugged me.  While I found her face gorgeous, her attitude problem was a huge turn-off.  In a way, I’m glad that she’s been exposed for the horrid person she really is.  Finally, people are waking up and realising that this ‘angel’ CAN do wrong.  TONS of wrong!

I’m just glad that people are waking up to what kind of person Tess Holliday really is instead of giving her a free pass just because she’s obese.

Wishing you fun,