#BodyLove 2016 – tasty soups!

My man had a very bad flu at the end of last year and, guess what, he passed it to me! X(  A few days before New Year’s Eve, it was full blown.  Since he’s healthier than me, if he falls sick, the virus has to be very strong.  As yucky phlegm filled my chest, it grew difficult to breathe.

My man found time to take me to the clinic and got the household chores done.  He also ensured that I was very well fed until I recovered!  Knowing my fondness for soups especially during illness, he got me nutritious ones to restore colour to my cheeks.  I was very pale after getting sick, but he took very good care of me indeed : )


Herbal mutton soup


Bak kut teh

Herbal soups are very nourishing and, because the broth is extremely flavourful, they’re fantastic with rice.  The piping hot soups certainly whetted my lousy appetite and they helped to ease the chest congestion, at least for a while : )

While these dishes are very meaty and not everyone appreciates eating pigs’ innards, soups are beneficial to everyone.  They’re healthy and tasty comfort foods for those times when we fall sick.  I certainly felt much better with my man taking care of me : )

Aaaaaah, the joy of being a traditional woman : )

Wishing you fun,



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