A wonderful lunch

Chris and I caught up together with Joanne, Hui Yun and Javier, at the Pelican Bar and Grill along One Fullerton.  It was a new restaurant and I was impressed with the gorgeous decor.  The food was so good that I returned with Simon, Lovie, Pei Shan and Pearly, for the gorgeous snapper pie, lobster salad and……….. dessert!  Yes, slender women DO eat dessert.  We’re not anorexic nor obsessed about calories!


So delicious.  Healthy food tastes so much better than junk food and doesn’t leave one feeling lethargic after eating.  The sinful part of this meal was dessert but hey, from time to time, one needs to live a little.  Doesn’t this completely contradict what the fat activists say about needing to starve or be miserable leading a life of deprivation?  We don’t need to deprive ourselves at all!


The snapper pie is the best thing, ever!  Chockful of fish chunks and asparagus drenched in a light creamy sauce, the pastry is so flaky, the table is sprinkled with it once you start cutting up your pie.  Yes, it’s messy to eat, but worth it.  It’s 1 of the best fish pies I’ve ever tasted!


And for dessert – the pavlova ‘mess’.  Served with a mountain of whipped cream at the bottom, the stiffened egg whites are heavenly.  So repeat after me: the fat activists lied, the fat activists lied, the fat activists lied.  Right, repeat 100 times and let it sink in.  You don’t need to lead a miserable life deprived of yummy food just to embrace healthy eating.  You don’t need to be hangry.

Tons of us normal/average women who eat relatively healthily still have room in our lives for dessert.  If we spend all our time at the gym working out obsessively, there wouldn’t be time for anything else!  As it is, I have time to spend with my man, cook for him, work, visit my sick relative and help with physiotherapy exercises, spend time with friends and family and much, much more!

Social lives don’t need to suffer.  Our quality of life doesn’t need to suffer.  Give it a try.  You’ll quickly realise just how beneficial it is.

Wishing you fun,



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