Why tradition works

The radical feminists and SJWs diss tradition and consider themselves new age.  While progress is normally good, the results we derive from it arises from what we deem ‘progress’.  For example, the fat acceptance movement deems the inclusion of plus-sized women in media ‘progress’.

They also deem the increased availability of large sizes in clothing, as well as models of more ‘diverse’ bodies – read: mobidly obese shapes – ‘progress’.  There was also research which supposedly proved that fat shaming doesn’t work and it only causes the overweight to eat more.  Let me bust that for you.

It was only after widespread condemnation of ‘fat shaming’ and even more tolerance for the overweight that obesity levels soared.  In countries which cater to fat acceptance, people are getting fatter and fatter.  So is this ‘progress’ good for society?  It’s a new age thing, you know? 😛


Those who deem themselves modern, new age and progressive have championed new causes in favour of the traditional.  The same goes for slut shaming and look at the harm it has done to traditional romantic partnerships.  Meaningless hook-up culture has taken over fulfilling relationships.

Sure, people get laid.  They get pumped and dumped.  But pure sexual satisfaction can never replace how beautiful true love can be.  The new age and progressive radical feminists and SJWs can’t find themselves a man, despite declaring to all and sundry and writing boring thesis after thesis about how ‘strong and independent’ they are.

The radical feminists and SJWs may take pride in their careers, intelligence and capability, but success is so much more meaningful if we have someone close to share it with.  They’re so combative that they have few friends around them.

Here, tradition has worked for me.  My man enjoys a bond with me where we fulfil our traditional roles.  Traditional femininity also helped me forge wonderful friendships with my colleagues and friends.  My life is filled with so much more positivity instead of angst.  And this is why, for me at least, traditional will always trump new age.

Wishing you fun,



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