So what if we’re not curvy?

There were debates about what is curvy and what isn’t because really curvy women are sick of people adopting the word when their bodies are anything but.  Fat rolls aren’t curves.  Slim bodies don’t have curves.  The body positive community – both the obese and thin – objected to this.  My question is, so what if we’re not curvy?  Is it soooooo insulting?!

Do we need to delude ourselves into thinking we have traffic-stopping curves in order to develop confidence?  Surely women are sensible enough to not create drama about it, right?  Well, apparently not.  Things got pretty heated in the comments section of these articles.  It was mind-boggling how something so trivial and petty can be blown out of proportion.

So if we’re not curvy, life can’t go on?  People won’t interact with us pleasantly?  We can’t wear bikinis?  This isn’t what I’ve experienced.  People treat me well on a daily basis.  Most of them are polite, respectful and pleasant.  Doors are still held open for me.  I still receive enough smiles and cheerful greetings regularly.  And get this:



Yes, Protein World, I’m #beachbodyready anytime!!! 😀

Not being curvy isn’t the end of the world.  Not having an hourglass figure won’t stop us from leading vibrant and meaningful lives.  Neither will it prevent us from having romantic relationships.  If you’re confident enough, that ‘curvy’ word isn’t important and shouldn’t be.

If some women want to be petty enough to prevent others from using the word, let them have it.  It isn’t worth getting flustered and upset about.  I shared the arguments with my man and we had a good laugh about it.  So much drama about nothing, really.  Don’t these people realise that time is better spent being cheerful and grateful about the good things in life?

So ladies whose bodies don’t fall within the definition of ‘curvy’, my question is, so we’re not curvy.  So what?  Does it mean that we’ll be annihilated?  No, right?  Our existence doesn’t depend on this 1 factor, right?  Relax.  Let’s not take ourselves so seriously.  Our egos aren’t THAT fragile, are they?

Wishing you fun,



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