Fatties and skinnies – who really has an obsession with food?

Fat activists claim that people who’re slender are only that way because they’re obsessed with calorie-counting and spending hours in the gym, but is this truly the case?  I can’t speak for the ones truly suffering from anorexia and bulimia because I’m not a sufferer, but perhaps with them, it’s possible.  However, this doesn’t apply to normal healthy weight people who have good eating habits.

I’ve shown you time after time the type of food I eat and it isn’t even as healthy as fitness professionals’ or gym bunnies’ diets!  There’s room for treats and I’ve shown these too.  My meals don’t comprise steamed skinless chicken breasts, veggies and fruit and complex detoxifying juice concoctions.  Instead, everything is eaten in moderation the way normal folks do.

Since my days are hectic, I have 3 square meals a day and, if I’m hungry, a snack or 2 in between.  On weekends, I indulge just like everybody else.  I work, visit my sick relative, spend time with family, friends and my man and cook our meals.  If you think, after all that, I have time to spend hours in the gym, you must be kidding.  I need sleep too, you know? 😛 I just try to be active regularly, that’s it!


Conversely, the fat activists are so intent on bashing slender folks in order to demonstrate their superior attitude towards food, they end up talking about food all the damn time!  On top of that, they seethe and stew over the ‘injustice’ of it all that their inner resentment overflows and is projected outwards onto society.

They’re so intent on claiming that slender people eat only rabbit food and lead a miserable existence whereas they’re living it up and having fun by eating whatever they like, that they write article after article about…………….. you guessed it.  Food!  And slender folks?  They write about the harmful effects of obesity and rising obesity rates in the US or their respective countries.

So who has a more obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food?

Wishing you fun,



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