#BodyPositive 2016 – eat that chicken rice!

My man and I will never get over our love for delicious chicken rice.  For the benefit of foreign readers who haven’t tasted this local delicacy, the fluffy rice is cooked with CHICKEN FAT.  This is what makes the grains so darned fragrant and tasty.  A little fat never hurt anyone.  It certainly doesn’t hurt us at all 😛

There’re a number of entries about chicken rice in this blog.  This is because we have it regularly and healthy eating doesn’t mean a restricted diet.  Chicken rice is wholesome food.  There’s meat, carbs and some veggies.  In order to have an even more balanced meal, just order a side of more veggies.  That’s it!

And to those fatlogicians who claim that healthy eating is too expensive, a plate of chicken rice costs S$3.50.  If I feel like it, I order another roasted/steamed chicken drumstick.  A typical MacDonald’s meal costs upwards of S$6/- and even more if it’s upsized.  So how can eating well be more expensive?


Fatlogic redditors say the same thing.  Some of them are college students surviving on very tight budgets and eating fresh food actually helps them to save more money than splurging on junk food.  When they buy groceries in bulk, they’re able to score even better deals.

Eating out doesn’t mean that we can’t make good choices when it comes to dining venues and meals.  Sure, there might be some junk food, but it doesn’t mean that we need to eat those all the time.  Heck, even junk food doesn’t need to be completely eliminated from our diets as long as we don’t eat it everyday!


If healthy eating = starving as fatlogicians claim, then they’ve been doing it wrong.  They took it to the extreme by cutting out food that provides our bodies with essential nutrients and energy.  But guess what?  Just because they did it wrong doesn’t mean you can’t get it right!

There’re many out there willing to share this information with you FOC because WE CARE.  We do it not to shame anyone.  Busting fatlogicians’ lies isn’t shaming – it’s telling you the truth.  Do something for yourself that you can be proud of.  You’ll develop the body confidence that doesn’t make you overly sensitive to Protein World ads.

Wishing you fun,



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