#BodyPositive 2016 – don’t forget those treats!

Last year, we busted the lies which some body positive LIARS spread about how boring healthy eating is.  We realised that the reason they claim slender people obsess about calories and gym workouts is because they took weight loss to the extreme in order to achieve the fastest results possible.

We also found out that eating healthy doesn’t mean we must live on kale juice and nibble miserably on carrot and celery sticks for the rest of our lives.  We ate fresh food, we had healthy snacks, we cooked delicious meals together.

This year, we continue the journey by understanding that we don’t need to cut out food that is widely deemed bad for us.  There’s always room for treats like pizza, sausages, burgers and dessert because our jobs don’t demand perfect fitness levels.

We can afford to be more flexible with our diets because we don’t take part in athletic competitions for a living.  In fact, we can enjoy these treats often without feeling guilt nor developing an unhealthy obsession with food.


I’ve been transparent in this blog.  My man and I do have beers.  We eat like there’s no tomorrow when we travel.  We have fast food.  We do indulge.  The same goes for my friends.  Some of them love pizzas and fatty food and when we go out, I eat these as well.

My social life hasn’t suffered after I embarked on this journey after my dad’s triple bypass in 2008.  In fact, people still enjoy my company!  It’s simple really – you just don’t eat treats everyday.  There.  The secret.  Not difficult, right?

Set aside 2 days a week for treats.  My weekends are saved for treats.  On other days, I eat proper balanced meals in sufficient amounts for energy.  Don’t allow healthy eating to be torment.  I wish you continued success this year.

Wishing you fun,



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