Reunion dinner

My sick relative was finally discharged from hospital a few days before Chinese New Year after the massive hemorrhagic stroke in October 2015.  It was a 4-month-long stay in the ward and she looked forward to being amongst family.  On the day she was discharged, she even slept with a smile on her face!

Since she lives with my parents during her recuperation, I walk over after work to spend time with her and help with her physio exercises.  Her discharge was something I’d been looking forward to very much.  At the moment, she’s still being tube-fed, but she’s improving steadily.

I didn’t want her to be alone on Chinese New Year’s Eve, so I suggested to the family that we have reunion dinner at home.  It would be the first time in my life that we did this but reunion wouldn’t be the same without my relative present.  So instead of going to a restaurant, Dad bought some food back and we had a simple meal together.


Our relative’s health scare really hit home for my folks in a huge way.  She was very healthy but, during her later years, decided that she wanted to enjoy life instead.  She loosened the discipline that pretty much governed her life in terms of food and nutrition.  It took a huge toll on her health and it was very heartbreaking to witness.


So over dinner of fresh food eaten with rice, we discussed how to maintain our health with each passing year.  We spoke of those eating habits which she taught all of us when we were younger.  Some, like my parents, disregarded this as they aged in favour of enjoying life to the fullest.  The relative’s stroke changed all that.


Her mantra was everything in moderation and we followed it.  Sometimes, people forget it and indulge to the extreme.  Happily, my folks are now trying to practise it again and I was only too glad to share those habits which I kept from childhood.  It’s a reminder to never ever take good health for granted.

Wishing you fun,



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