Banning isn’t the solution for your self esteem

Women’s Health decided to ban words such as ‘bikini body’ and ‘drop 2 sizes’ from its publications.  The decision was met with thunderous virtual applause from the body positive community.  But has it gone too far?  Any normal, sane human being wouldn’t be offended by the mention of these words at all.

The Facebook ‘feeling fat’ emoji was banned.  Victoria’s Secret had to change its slogan for an ad because some psychotic biotches were offended and made enough noise about it.  There were over 70,000 crazy hussies who signed the petition to ban Protein World ads because they were like needles to their eyes.

But what about those of us who’re rational and confident enough not to feel shamed by trivial things?  So we can’t read about bikini bodies?  We can only look at ads featuring morbidly obese models?  What if OUR eyes feel raped by the sight of too much flab and cellulite?


It’s incorrect to say that the world has obesity problems.  Yes, waistlines expand as people have more spending power.  However, to suggest that all countries are experiencing an obesity crisis isn’t true, at least for now.  It’s only those that embrace fat acceptance which suffer from the worst problems.

Not everyone is thrilled to look at obese bodies like Tess Munster’s and Jes Baker’s.  Not everyone wants to stop reading about bikini ready bodies in magazines.  Not everyone wants to be censored when they’re feeling fat because it’s normal to have those days when we over-eat and feel incredibly… FAT!

Banning words isn’t going to solve anyone’s body image issues.  It’s just an ostrich mentality – sticking their heads in the sand isn’t going to help anything.  Because ridiculously fit athletes exist and they have the right to be seen just like obese plus-sized models.

The solution?  Work on their own body issues or see a shrink, for goodness’ sake!

Wishing you fun,



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