Support for fat people who want to be healthy

To many belligerent and unreasonable fat activists, I’m probably a fat shamer.  Since they don’t do logic, they cannot understand that I have fat friends and actually enjoy their company.  They cannot understand that I do support the belief that fat people deserve basic respect just like any other human being.  It’s their opinion and that’s fine.

I can’t dictate what the fat activists and community can or cannot think about me, unlike the way they try to control people who disagree with them using passive aggressive and manipulative means (read: subtle shaming).  They’re not what this entry is about.  I’m writing to share news that is joyful: some of my fat friends are inspired to be healthy.

2 friends reached out.  1 of them was because I commented that she seemed to have lost weight.  She was so delighted, she clapped her hands and did a little skip!  This is the reason I like my fat friends – they’re so darned adorable!  So anyway, she shared that she’s on the quest to be healthier.  I was happy to give her some tips which I practise daily.


Another friend has an autistic son.  He’s a spunky little guy.  Because she loves him, she wants to embrace healthier eating habits to pass on to him and to keep herself around to care for him for as long as she can.  Her immense love for her son over indulgences is admirable.  It’s a direct contrast with the morbidly obese whose selfishness leads them to place themselves and their love of food over people they profess to care deeply for.

If we want something enough, we’ll make the effort.  These friends ARE making that effort and I’m happy to be with them every step of the way.  This is what friends are for – to encourage you when you’re doing something right; not encourage you to kill yourself by making excuse after excuse for your inability to control your gluttony like so many fat apologists do.

My friends are doing things sensibly.  They’re not adopting extreme fad diets nor punishing themselves obsessively in order to drop the weight as quickly as possible.  Instead, they’ve simply decided to make their health a priority, which is a great mindset!  I hope that, soon, they’ll see how much their lives and confidence levels will improve : )

Wishing you fun,



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