Slim =/= anorexic!

Slim women in western countries where fat acceptance has taken root and is growing are often portrayed as calorie- and exercise-obsessed anorexics, to their frustration.  This can’t be further from the truth.  Because fat acceptance made obese women complacent – after all, everyone caters to them now if they bellow loud enough – their girths are ever-expanding and their sense of what is a healthy weight is extremely warped.

Oddly, time and again, the fat activists prove that the ones who have an unhealthy relationship with food is… THEM! 😛  Most of us don’t think about food all the damn time.  I’ve also shown in this blog that I’m not afraid to eat.  I don’t need to spend hours at a gym and, in fact, don’t go there often at all.  Power walks at a park or any activity we love suffices to keep us energetic, light on our feet and slender.


Here’s me after a half hour power walk at a nearby park.  My thighs aren’t bony the way the fat activists describe.  These overweight women think they can brainwash men into thinking that slender women are anorexic; well, just wait till their men travel to other countries where other women still maintain a healthy weight and watch their eyes widen in wonder!

Besides, really, they can shame men all they want, but until porn and fit as hell athletes are banned, they will always know what a healthy weight looks like.  I just wish these people would stop being delusional.

Wishing you fun,



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