Fat activists and the blame culture

Why do men not find morbidly obese women attractive?

Answer: Blame the media!  They keep featuring only slender celebrities and models, that’s why we celebrate them!

And they forget that there’re anorexic and skeletal models who’re criticised for being at an unhealthy weight.

Why can’t morbidly obese women lose weight?

Answer: Blame the government!  They allow GMO foods and HFCS, which are hazardous to health, and subsidise low-cost unhealthy foods!

And they forget that they have a choice when it comes to what they put into their mouths.

Why do morbidly obese women not have any self esteem?

Answer: Blame society/slender women/men!  They’re extremely triggering and upset delicate fee fees because of their opinions!

And they forget that if they don’t feel internal shame, nobody else can make them feel it.


Instead of looking internally for their own coping mechanisms and devices, the fat activists demand that everyone else has to change.  They’ve even gotten so bold as to list ways we can treat them, ways we cannot, what we can say to them, what we cannot, when they’re the ones who post stuff on a PUBLIC PLATFORM.  Come on, if the public platform has a high readership, you do expect comments and not all will be positive.

If somebody disagrees with them, they throw a hissy fit and portray themselves as victims, blaming whoever made them feel bad about themselves.  Excuse me, nobody is obligated to make you feel good!  I mentioned in previous entries that some of these fat women insulted my appearance and insinuated that I’m anorexic.  Am I bawling my eyes out or crying for sympathy?

More importantly, am I blaming anyone else?  There’re things we CAN do to improve ourselves and, with anything that takes effort, we’re proud of our achievements.  We’re confident.  Nobody can take that away from us and I’m proof of that.  No matter what the nasty and obnoxious thin shamers say, it’s not going to affect my upbeat attitude when I step out into the world.

For goodness’ sake, these people should take some responsibility for themselves.  They’re no longer children and shouldn’t be absolved from blame.  It’s ridiculous.

Wishing you fun,



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