#BodyPositive 2016 – healthy eating is NOT boring

I wouldn’t even call my eating habits very healthy.  However, I ensure that my man and I eat well and that our meals comprise nutritious and fresh food.  Our diets are definitely less healthy compared to fitness professionals and athletes, but even those whose jobs it is to be extremely fit eat well and enjoy their food.

Eating well isn’t boring at all and we don’t feel deprived in the least.  For one, there’s far wider variety of delicious tasty meals than junk food.  Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French and other cuisines boast fresh ingredients stir-fried, drizzled with yummy sauces and zested up with spices.

We get to sample far more types of food than restricting ourselves to burgers, bagels and pizza.  In Southeast Asia, there’s a baba and nonya community which serve wonderful nonya cuisine.  The food is a combination of malay and teochew cooking, as is their native language.  Many of us love the exotic and spicy flavours!



Because of the spicy gravies, these dishes are best consumed with rice.  Indeed, rice is a staple when we choose nonya cuisine.  I was at The Blue Ginger with Joanne and 2 lawyers.  We relished every bite, from the coconut milk chicken – their signature dish – to sambal prawns, sambal veggies with cuttlefish and grilled pork slices.

With so many different types of cuisines to choose from, healthy eating is far from boring and far from eating bland food like you would imagine.  In fact, we indulge in all sorts of fresh food apart from veggies.  We don’t need to stay away from carbohydrates.  We just eat balanced meals that provide us with energy and keep us full until the next meal.

It doesn’t sound hard, does it?  Does it sound like torture to you?

So do yourselves a favour and give it a shot.  You’ll thank yourselves when you have the energy to get off the couch and engage in activities you – and, perhaps your spouse or kids – enjoy.  How much better can your lives be?  Tons, tons, TONS better!

Wishing you fun,



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