#BodyPositive 2016 – Heavyweight role models, Oprah and Queen Latifah

 The body positive community does a great job trying to get heavier women to love their bodies and develop more confidence in themselves.  Besides posting photos on social media platforms to gratify their ego, there’re other means to live life to the fullest.

We have glowing, radiant big ladies like Oprah and Queen Latifah, impeccably groomed and stylish, hosting their own talkshows, having successful careers and enjoying immense popularity.  They’re also extremely attractive.

When we make an effort to observe them, we’ll notice what sets them apart from angry fat women: their positivity.  Because of their innate strength, they don’t project their own body image issues on anyone else.  They’re pleasant when they’re on TV and while conducting interviews.

Rather than focus on themselves, they’re spreading joy, fun and happiness to those around them.  It makes people forget about their weight and, instead, focus on their love for life, stylish clothes, gorgeous hair and lovely makeup.


Are they angrily complaining about insults, humiliation and backhanded compliments?  Nope.  Are they banging out aggressive post after aggressive post on their keyboards?  Nope.  They’re seen being cheerful and having the time of their lives.

Strangely, these wildly successfuly and popular celebrities don’t complain about lacking respect from those around them.  They’re not hostile like Ragen Chastain, Fat Heffalump and writers at XO Jane, Jezebel, Shakesville and other fatosphere blogs.

Oprah and Queen Latifah don’t need to lie about winning dance competitions.  They aren’t delusional about joining athletic competitions.  They don’t need to dye their hair in strange hues just to make themselves visible because they already are.

And they achieved their success not by pushing for acceptance.  They achieved their success not by demanding for more and more.  They achieved success not by expecting special treatment just because they believe they’re a marginalised group.

Instead of behaving like immature crybabies, these fantastic women made an effort.  They worked hard.  They did what it takes to come out on top despite the odds stacked against them.  Who wouldn’t respect attitudes like theirs?

Respect is earned.  I think it’s something we should all remember, regardless of our size.  Do our work and we’ll reap the rewards naturally.

Wishing you fun,



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