#BodyPositive 2016 – is fresh necessarily more expensive?

TV dinners, microwavable meals and other instant, packaged food are time-saving.  If you don’t feel like cooking, just add boiling water or bung it in the microwave for a few minutes.  An excuse for not eating fresh food is that it’s more expensive.  Well, recently, I had to buy and eat a microwaved meal and I’ll help you bust that lie : )

Admittedly in Singapore, it’s easier to purchase cheaper and tasty fresh cooked food.  We can find chicken rice, piping hot fried seafood noodles and other yummy meals at under S$3.50.  However, on a very stormy and rainy day, it was crowded everywhere and the queues to buy food were ridiculously long.

In order to save time, I popped by 7-11 and bought a microwavable meal – butter chicken briyani.  It cost S$3.90.  And it was 1 of the worst-tasting meals I’ve ever tasted.  The rice was dry and hard, the chicken and gravy were blah and there wasn’t even enough gravy to soften all of the rice!


If I decided to use that money and cook from scratch, I would’ve been able to make noodles or pasta, or cook some rice, scramble creamy eggs, saute shiitake mushrooms in beer AND fry chunks of cheesy chicken leg!  Sure, when buying groceries, it seems expensive, but it evens out because we don’t eat everything for 1 single meal.

Many people who discuss this in the comments section of articles are labeled ‘concern trolls’ but are they?  Nope.  Like me, they’re just stating a fact.  Rice, beans, eggs, veggies, even meat, aren’t more expensive than that Lean Cuisine microwavable dinner.  And cooking food ourselves isn’t only enjoyable, we can season the dishes according to our liking.

We can give excuses till the cows come home, but who’re we really lying to?  The world or ourselves?  More importantly, who’s paying the price for our excuses?  The world?  Nah.  It’s really ourselves.  Quality over quantity, sweethearts.  You can eat an entire pizza, but you may not derive as many nutrients as you would consuming a plate of wholesome, fresh food.

Another body positive lie debunked : )

Wishing you fun,



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