#BodyPositive 2016 – take a break!

Home was a mess as I – like many others – frantically carried out some last minute Chinese New Year spring-cleaning.  Tradition states that families shouldn’t carry out any cleaning on the first day of the lunar new year, so much needs to be done before the actual day.  But when the sun peeked out after cloudy skies and rain, I couldn’t resist taking a short break to hang out at the balcony.

It was relaxing to observe the sights and sounds everyone takes for granted on busy days – birds chirping and flying, the aroma of fresh air, people chatting as they stroll along the pavements, breezes rustling in the leaves… ahh, the simple pleasures of life that we fail to enjoy when we rush about on weekdays : )  Health is about mental wellness too!

So I was catching up on news in the US.  Sometime in January, Protein World launched a New Year New You TV ad.  Of course, some overly sensitive women took offence at the sight of gorgeous models cavorting about and took to Twitter to lambast the fitness supplement company again *roll eyes*


So here are my thoughts as a normal woman.  The above is the reflection of my body at the balcony during the spring-cleaning break.  It isn’t perfect.  I don’t expect everyone to love it.  And oddly, I don’t think Protein World is shaming me by featuring those gorgeous models.

The TV ad is what it is – a company trying to appeal to its target market.  It has nothing to do with me nor my figure at all.  I was born with a physique that isn’t very large-breasted.  Am I shamed when women with ample bosoms come near me?  Not at all.

Nobody owes us body confidence.  It’s something which we need to build on our own.  If you feel offended by the ad, perhaps you need to work on your own psyche.  See a shrink if need be for your self esteem issues.  Protein World isn’t a charity nor psychiatric office.  It’s selling a product that may not be targeting you.  It isn’t responsible for your confidence.  Time to grow up, sweethearts!

Wishing you fun,



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