Fat activists are fun to read about

To be honest, what would life be without angry, snarky and aggressive fatlogicians such as Fat Heffalump, Jes Baker, Tes Munster, Whitney Thore and Ragen Chastain to entertain us with their adventures involving oppression, exaggerated attempts to lose weight and lies about food, imagined/self-diagnosed medical conditions, delusional rationalisation and being walking, living and breathing CLOWNS? ūüėõ

The daily drama that is Ragen Chastain’s life is enough to have fatlogic redditors in hysterics or leaving them completely baffled. ¬†The incessant push by Jes Baker to shove female fat beauty down everyone’s throats while leaving the men totally hot and buff provides hours and hours of fun-filled reading. ¬†Tes Munster’s scam after letting fame go to her head was like reading about justice being served.

Fat Heffalump and her projection of self loathing onto the world, her colourful hair and tragic fashion sense makes good leisure browsing from time to time. ¬†Reading about Whitney Thore’s contradictions when she says she’s fat and happy, then crying about her weight fills me both with sympathy and disgust.


Over at XO Jane, Huffington Post, Bustle, Shakesville and other body positive blogs, we have fatshion bloggers giving lousy fashion tips to followers, looking tragic in cheap plus-sized clothing which obviously don’t suit their body shapes and complaining bitterly about anything and everything.

It makes me feel like tapping them on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, you know what? ¬†Your narcissism is showing.” ¬†Instead of choosing apparel that flatters their bodies, they pick those which look nice, totally disregard the cutting and complain when it makes them look odd. ¬†Instead of seeing the positive side of being paid a compliment about them having pretty faces, they choose to see negativity by insisting that people agree that their bodies are beautiful too.

Then I just look at my blessed life, with inspirational and positive people who’re doers instead of complainers, who try, try and try again instead of giving up so easily, who hold good values close to their hearts, who take delight in surmounting challenges. ¬†I look at my blessed life, with a job I love and which pays a decent salary so that I can enjoy the little luxuries.

And I feel so very humbled and grateful.

Wishing you fun,



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