#BodyLove 2016 – Soup and quiche

Joanne and I had a pleasant chat filled with laughter at Dimbulah, a cosy cafe selling sandwiches, wraps, soups, pastas, salads, Aussie slices and cakes, as well as tasty quiches.  They serve pretty decent coffee too!  It’s nice to have girl friends to offer support and a listening ear when things get overwhelming once in a while : )


If you’re wondering what girl friends yak about when there’re no men around, well, girl stuff.  And complaints about men wahahahahahahahaha! 😛  Look, men do the same thing, so don’t get all tsk tsk on us 😛  It’s only fair that we get to vent our frustration and blow off some steam sometimes, ok 😛


The tomato and basil soup here is great!  They vary the soup recipes so the next time I returned with Yen Ling, there was a different version, which I’ll write about soon.


The quiche slices are decent and filled me up enough to last till the next meal and they certainly weren’t stingy with the ingredients!  This was ham and mushroom.

I’ve shown you the many different things you can eat once you make the conscious decision to ditch the junk food.  A steady diet of burgers, pizza, chicken nuggets and other unhealthy food is boring.  Instead, what I get to eat are Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian and western dishes.  Each cuisine has its own menu of mouthwatering foods to try.

Keep the junk as treats or for cheat days.  On all other days, eat proper, decent food.  It isn’t that hard, really.

Wishing you fun,



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