#BodyPositive 2016 – go ahead, feel beautiful

Some fat women say that they aren’t allowed to feel beautiful because of their size.  This is usually stated in response to someone who voices his/her preference for slimmer physiques.  You know what?  Fat women CAN feel beautiful.  They CAN feel sexy.  They CAN feel attractive.  They have every right to what they feel.  The only ones stopping them from feeling gorgeous?  Themselves.

If fat women don’t develop their own confidence and always rely on others to validate them, they’ll never be able to feel truly glorious.  This is because they’ll crumble just because somebody else dares to say that they’re not attractive.  The fact is, there’re only the few genetically blessed or cosmetically enhanced who have universal appeal.

What can the rest of us normal folks do?  We can improve ourselves and make the most of what we’ve been born with.  There’re so many cosmetics available to highlight and contour our facial features.  There’re so many clothing designs available to highlight our assets and minimise our flaws.  We women are fortunate indeed to have so many tools to enhance our attractiveness!


Here’s a fun fact.  There will be men who find us too skinny/bony/fat/chubby/ugly/dark/pale.  Most of us normal folks aren’t born with that universally attractive appeal and you know what?  It’s perfectly fine.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, ad nauseum if need be.  Fat feminists have insulted my appearance online before.  They said I had no boobs (before deleting their comment).

Did I cry?  Nope.  Did their comments affect the way I interact with the world?  Nope.  Did what they say dent my confidence?  Not 1 bit.  They’re strangers and their opinions don’t matter at all!  When I step out of my home, people treat me well.  They hold doors open for me.  They come over for a chat.  They buy me coffee.  Both men AND women.

They’re willing to offer assistance when I ask.  Sales staff and wait staff are friendly and attentive.  With all this positivity around me, why would the snarky comments of a nasty few strangers deal a blow to my confidence?  In the same way, the body positive community can take steps to build their own confidence levels.  Why let strangers affect us?  Are their views THAT important?

The secret is, just focus on ourselves.  Lead our own lives.  Don’t depend on public adulation.  Don’t expect the world to find us beautiful.  Live and let live.

Wishing you fun,



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