Chinese food doesn’t make you fat!

In the comments section of online articles and in Reddit, I frequently come across remarks such as the morbidly obese piled on the pounds because they gorged on fast food and Chinese takeaways.  As a Chinese, I was baffled.  Hang on.  Our cuisine, which enables us to remain at healthy weights, miraculously causes Americans to blow up to 400/500/600 pounds???!!! : /

Anyone else’s eyeballs exhausted from rolling? : /

Listen up, guys.  While I agree with much of your advanced scientific and medical research, I cannot agree that Chinese food causes anyone to grow to the size of barnyard animals.  If it were the case, I would be morbidly obese.  So would my man.  So would my parents.  So would much of Southeast Asia where thousands of Chinese reside and I’m not saying this out of Chinese pride.  It just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

Good grief, have these people who spout such nonsense actually eaten Chinese food regularly?  Our cuisine consists of a lot of fresh food!  We have Teochew steamed pomfret with ginger, tomatoes, sliced mushrooms and preserved vegetables.  We have roasted and steamed chicken, as well as drunken chicken.  We have steamed prawns, prawns/scallops stir-fried with broccoli or celery and drunken prawns.

We have claypot tofu with broccoli and mushrooms.  We have yam baskets containing meat or seafood and diced veggies.  We have egg fuyong, which contains shredded veggies.  We have kailan (or kale) with oyster sauce, Chinese spinach stir-fried with garlic, 3-egg veggies and more.  In fact, our food is healthy and shouldn’t be blamed for causing obesity!


Chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage stew


Vegetable curry


Stewed pork belly

I consume these in 1 meal.  I’m 5’4″ and don’t weigh over 120 lbs.  I wear a size 0, the so-called ‘impossible standards’ the fat activists love to harp endlessly about.  These dishes, enjoyed with a bowl of rice, do not cause normal people to end up 400/500/600 lbs!!! *faints*

I already stated there’re many exercises I can’t do due to a previous spine injury from an old car accident.  I don’t have the luxury of time to spend hours at the gym *wave to fat activists*  But.  I.  Move.  And while my typical diet isn’t extremely healthy, it’s still far healthier than what the morbidly obese eat.

Chinese food doesn’t make people fat.  It’s the obese community’s eating habits that make them fat.  They can deny that they consume junk food, but everyone else has eyes to see.  So please don’t place blame wrongly on what Chinese eat! 😛

Wishing you fun,



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