Healthy living gives you more energy

Snarky members of the body positive community insinuate that those who wish to adopt healthy eating hate themselves and their bodies.  This is a lie.  My cousin-in-law was obese and she felt tired all the time.  After she said she wanted to try eating more healthily, I’ve been giving her tips and she practises them together with my cousin and niece.

When we caught up during our short weekend getaway, she’d adopted better eating habits for over 2 months.  She looked more radiant, happier and more confident and said it’s because her system felt cleaner.  She felt less lethargic after meals and had more energy for household chores during the day.  She felt so good that she asked for more help.  Of course, I was happy to give more pointers.


My cousin is morbidly obese by our standards, but he wears a size M or L in the US.  He’s keen to return as he doesn’t feel out of place when everyone else is large.  However, with my cousin-in-law now preparing proper and nutritious food, he’s been making the effort to adjust his diet accordingly as he wants to live longer to be around for his precious daughter.

I’ve shown that healthy weight folks don’t obsess over food and calories.  This isn’t an anorexic body.  I’m not at all skeletal, like the fat activists like to allege.  My thighs are still fleshy, I have a butt and I don’t suffer from lack of nutrition.  Healthy weight doesn’t mean one needs to swing from obesity to anorexia.  There’s a good range in between for healthy bodies.

Fat activists claim that you can’t tell from a person’s appearance whether he/she is healthy.  Although it’s an illogical argument, let’s talk about quality of life.  If you’re getting winded from walking up the stairs or taking a stroll, how fun can life be?  You’d be kidding yourself if you think you can explore as much as those at a healthy weight do.

Eating well provides our bodies with nutrients and energy.  Try it.  It’s more fun when everyone can do things together.

Wishing you fun,



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