#BodyLove 2016 – tasty soups!

My man had a very bad flu at the end of last year and, guess what, he passed it to me! X(  A few days before New Year’s Eve, it was full blown.  Since he’s healthier than me, if he falls sick, the virus has to be very strong.  As yucky phlegm filled my chest, it grew difficult to breathe.

My man found time to take me to the clinic and got the household chores done.  He also ensured that I was very well fed until I recovered!  Knowing my fondness for soups especially during illness, he got me nutritious ones to restore colour to my cheeks.  I was very pale after getting sick, but he took very good care of me indeed : )


Herbal mutton soup


Bak kut teh

Herbal soups are very nourishing and, because the broth is extremely flavourful, they’re fantastic with rice.  The piping hot soups certainly whetted my lousy appetite and they helped to ease the chest congestion, at least for a while : )

While these dishes are very meaty and not everyone appreciates eating pigs’ innards, soups are beneficial to everyone.  They’re healthy and tasty comfort foods for those times when we fall sick.  I certainly felt much better with my man taking care of me : )

Aaaaaah, the joy of being a traditional woman : )

Wishing you fun,



#BodyLove 2016 – Potato love!

In Singapore, anyone who prefers potatoes over staples like rice, noodles, breads and porridge is labelled jiak gantang (literally ‘eat potato’).  It also confers a rather insulting view of the person, as if he/she wants to emulate caucasian/western ways or who secretly wants to be caucasian/western.

Whilst there’re certainly people like that, I’m not 1 of them.  People who don’t know me well are thus surprised to learn that I prefer a good kopi from a coffee shop over Starbucks or Coffee Bean.  Guo Ming, Shelia and Andy love rice.  Yen Ling and Lindy prefer pasta and noodles.  I just happen to adore the humble but very delicious potato.


I decided to try a different kind of potato wedges by melting butter at medium heat and mixing in teriyaki sauce.  Fry the potatoes for about 2 minutes, reduce the heat setting to low, sprinkle mixed herbs, crushed onions and pepper, then cover and cook them further for another 20 minutes, turning them and rubbing them into the seasoning every 5 minutes.

When the potatoes are tender, turn off the heat and let them cool on the plate for a short while before serving.


Very enjoyable with TV! 😛

The simple baked potato is also extremely yummy.  My man did this as he’s more an expert with the oven : )  Another snack in front of the telly, just as enjoyable if not more so.  And the fragrant lump of butter melting into the spud?  Oh.  My.  Goodness *swoon from ecstacy*


It’s nice being pampered, with the most basic things in life : )

Wishing you fun,


A wonderful lunch

Chris and I caught up together with Joanne, Hui Yun and Javier, at the Pelican Bar and Grill along One Fullerton.  It was a new restaurant and I was impressed with the gorgeous decor.  The food was so good that I returned with Simon, Lovie, Pei Shan and Pearly, for the gorgeous snapper pie, lobster salad and……….. dessert!  Yes, slender women DO eat dessert.  We’re not anorexic nor obsessed about calories!


So delicious.  Healthy food tastes so much better than junk food and doesn’t leave one feeling lethargic after eating.  The sinful part of this meal was dessert but hey, from time to time, one needs to live a little.  Doesn’t this completely contradict what the fat activists say about needing to starve or be miserable leading a life of deprivation?  We don’t need to deprive ourselves at all!


The snapper pie is the best thing, ever!  Chockful of fish chunks and asparagus drenched in a light creamy sauce, the pastry is so flaky, the table is sprinkled with it once you start cutting up your pie.  Yes, it’s messy to eat, but worth it.  It’s 1 of the best fish pies I’ve ever tasted!


And for dessert – the pavlova ‘mess’.  Served with a mountain of whipped cream at the bottom, the stiffened egg whites are heavenly.  So repeat after me: the fat activists lied, the fat activists lied, the fat activists lied.  Right, repeat 100 times and let it sink in.  You don’t need to lead a miserable life deprived of yummy food just to embrace healthy eating.  You don’t need to be hangry.

Tons of us normal/average women who eat relatively healthily still have room in our lives for dessert.  If we spend all our time at the gym working out obsessively, there wouldn’t be time for anything else!  As it is, I have time to spend with my man, cook for him, work, visit my sick relative and help with physiotherapy exercises, spend time with friends and family and much, much more!

Social lives don’t need to suffer.  Our quality of life doesn’t need to suffer.  Give it a try.  You’ll quickly realise just how beneficial it is.

Wishing you fun,


Why tradition works

The radical feminists and SJWs diss tradition and consider themselves new age.  While progress is normally good, the results we derive from it arises from what we deem ‘progress’.  For example, the fat acceptance movement deems the inclusion of plus-sized women in media ‘progress’.

They also deem the increased availability of large sizes in clothing, as well as models of more ‘diverse’ bodies – read: mobidly obese shapes – ‘progress’.  There was also research which supposedly proved that fat shaming doesn’t work and it only causes the overweight to eat more.  Let me bust that for you.

It was only after widespread condemnation of ‘fat shaming’ and even more tolerance for the overweight that obesity levels soared.  In countries which cater to fat acceptance, people are getting fatter and fatter.  So is this ‘progress’ good for society?  It’s a new age thing, you know? 😛


Those who deem themselves modern, new age and progressive have championed new causes in favour of the traditional.  The same goes for slut shaming and look at the harm it has done to traditional romantic partnerships.  Meaningless hook-up culture has taken over fulfilling relationships.

Sure, people get laid.  They get pumped and dumped.  But pure sexual satisfaction can never replace how beautiful true love can be.  The new age and progressive radical feminists and SJWs can’t find themselves a man, despite declaring to all and sundry and writing boring thesis after thesis about how ‘strong and independent’ they are.

The radical feminists and SJWs may take pride in their careers, intelligence and capability, but success is so much more meaningful if we have someone close to share it with.  They’re so combative that they have few friends around them.

Here, tradition has worked for me.  My man enjoys a bond with me where we fulfil our traditional roles.  Traditional femininity also helped me forge wonderful friendships with my colleagues and friends.  My life is filled with so much more positivity instead of angst.  And this is why, for me at least, traditional will always trump new age.

Wishing you fun,


So what if we’re not curvy?

There were debates about what is curvy and what isn’t because really curvy women are sick of people adopting the word when their bodies are anything but.  Fat rolls aren’t curves.  Slim bodies don’t have curves.  The body positive community – both the obese and thin – objected to this.  My question is, so what if we’re not curvy?  Is it soooooo insulting?!

Do we need to delude ourselves into thinking we have traffic-stopping curves in order to develop confidence?  Surely women are sensible enough to not create drama about it, right?  Well, apparently not.  Things got pretty heated in the comments section of these articles.  It was mind-boggling how something so trivial and petty can be blown out of proportion.

So if we’re not curvy, life can’t go on?  People won’t interact with us pleasantly?  We can’t wear bikinis?  This isn’t what I’ve experienced.  People treat me well on a daily basis.  Most of them are polite, respectful and pleasant.  Doors are still held open for me.  I still receive enough smiles and cheerful greetings regularly.  And get this:



Yes, Protein World, I’m #beachbodyready anytime!!! 😀

Not being curvy isn’t the end of the world.  Not having an hourglass figure won’t stop us from leading vibrant and meaningful lives.  Neither will it prevent us from having romantic relationships.  If you’re confident enough, that ‘curvy’ word isn’t important and shouldn’t be.

If some women want to be petty enough to prevent others from using the word, let them have it.  It isn’t worth getting flustered and upset about.  I shared the arguments with my man and we had a good laugh about it.  So much drama about nothing, really.  Don’t these people realise that time is better spent being cheerful and grateful about the good things in life?

So ladies whose bodies don’t fall within the definition of ‘curvy’, my question is, so we’re not curvy.  So what?  Does it mean that we’ll be annihilated?  No, right?  Our existence doesn’t depend on this 1 factor, right?  Relax.  Let’s not take ourselves so seriously.  Our egos aren’t THAT fragile, are they?

Wishing you fun,


Fatties and skinnies – who really has an obsession with food?

Fat activists claim that people who’re slender are only that way because they’re obsessed with calorie-counting and spending hours in the gym, but is this truly the case?  I can’t speak for the ones truly suffering from anorexia and bulimia because I’m not a sufferer, but perhaps with them, it’s possible.  However, this doesn’t apply to normal healthy weight people who have good eating habits.

I’ve shown you time after time the type of food I eat and it isn’t even as healthy as fitness professionals’ or gym bunnies’ diets!  There’s room for treats and I’ve shown these too.  My meals don’t comprise steamed skinless chicken breasts, veggies and fruit and complex detoxifying juice concoctions.  Instead, everything is eaten in moderation the way normal folks do.

Since my days are hectic, I have 3 square meals a day and, if I’m hungry, a snack or 2 in between.  On weekends, I indulge just like everybody else.  I work, visit my sick relative, spend time with family, friends and my man and cook our meals.  If you think, after all that, I have time to spend hours in the gym, you must be kidding.  I need sleep too, you know? 😛 I just try to be active regularly, that’s it!


Conversely, the fat activists are so intent on bashing slender folks in order to demonstrate their superior attitude towards food, they end up talking about food all the damn time!  On top of that, they seethe and stew over the ‘injustice’ of it all that their inner resentment overflows and is projected outwards onto society.

They’re so intent on claiming that slender people eat only rabbit food and lead a miserable existence whereas they’re living it up and having fun by eating whatever they like, that they write article after article about…………….. you guessed it.  Food!  And slender folks?  They write about the harmful effects of obesity and rising obesity rates in the US or their respective countries.

So who has a more obsessive and unhealthy relationship with food?

Wishing you fun,


#BodyPositive 2016 – eat that chicken rice!

My man and I will never get over our love for delicious chicken rice.  For the benefit of foreign readers who haven’t tasted this local delicacy, the fluffy rice is cooked with CHICKEN FAT.  This is what makes the grains so darned fragrant and tasty.  A little fat never hurt anyone.  It certainly doesn’t hurt us at all 😛

There’re a number of entries about chicken rice in this blog.  This is because we have it regularly and healthy eating doesn’t mean a restricted diet.  Chicken rice is wholesome food.  There’s meat, carbs and some veggies.  In order to have an even more balanced meal, just order a side of more veggies.  That’s it!

And to those fatlogicians who claim that healthy eating is too expensive, a plate of chicken rice costs S$3.50.  If I feel like it, I order another roasted/steamed chicken drumstick.  A typical MacDonald’s meal costs upwards of S$6/- and even more if it’s upsized.  So how can eating well be more expensive?


Fatlogic redditors say the same thing.  Some of them are college students surviving on very tight budgets and eating fresh food actually helps them to save more money than splurging on junk food.  When they buy groceries in bulk, they’re able to score even better deals.

Eating out doesn’t mean that we can’t make good choices when it comes to dining venues and meals.  Sure, there might be some junk food, but it doesn’t mean that we need to eat those all the time.  Heck, even junk food doesn’t need to be completely eliminated from our diets as long as we don’t eat it everyday!


If healthy eating = starving as fatlogicians claim, then they’ve been doing it wrong.  They took it to the extreme by cutting out food that provides our bodies with essential nutrients and energy.  But guess what?  Just because they did it wrong doesn’t mean you can’t get it right!

There’re many out there willing to share this information with you FOC because WE CARE.  We do it not to shame anyone.  Busting fatlogicians’ lies isn’t shaming – it’s telling you the truth.  Do something for yourself that you can be proud of.  You’ll develop the body confidence that doesn’t make you overly sensitive to Protein World ads.

Wishing you fun,