Fat activists and the ‘gimme more’ culture

I wrote about having fat friends and my belief that fat people shouldn’t be tormented because of their size.  I also wrote that my disgust lies with fat activists who spread lies about healthy eating and the harm they do to the fatosphere and body positive community.  There’s just 1 more beef with the fat activists – their greed.  Does this trait contribute to their obesity?  I leave it up to you to decide.

To illustrate, there are many articles over at XOJane, Bustle, Ravishly, Huffington Post, Shakesville and the fat activists’ personal blogs.  Most times, I’m interested in the comments because they offer different perspectives.  Somebody may offer a little nugget of truth that I never considered before.  Then I noticed 1 more thing about fat activists – no matter what society does to cater to them, it’s never enough.

They wanted more plus-sized clothes.  Plus-sized shops sprang up to cater to this increasing market.  It was not enough.  They demanded that other stores which sell normal sizes expand their selections to include them too.  Case in point: Victoria’s Secret and Lululemon, just to name 2.

Next came the insistence that larger bodies be represented in the media because they think that beauty standards influence what society thinks is beautiful.  More heavyweight singers and actresses are given roles and opportunities to showcase their talent.  It was not enough.  They demanded that more obese women be given romantic roles and be seen as sexy.


Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more more more more more!!!

They demand the right to take up space, to overflow unapologetically into your seat on flights, on other forms of public transport, at the theatre, at sports events, at basically everywhere.  They demand that hospitals treat their temperamental and volatile minds with more delicacy, larger MRI machines and other medical equipment, conveniently forgetting the reinforced beds and seats to accommodate them.

When Lane Bryant launched its line of plus-sized lingerie, it’s campaign wasn’t met with satisfaction, congratulations and encouragement.  No, they were criticised for not featuring more diverse bodies in their campaign.  Jes Baker even wrote an Open Letter to them, essentially to tell them to do more and do better.  The same goes for the #PlusIsEqual campaign.  Some fat activists criticised them too.

In Chinese, there’s a saying that ‘give an inch, take a mile’ to illustrate greed, i.e. you give in some but some people will want even more.  They’re never satisfied.  It applies very well to the fat activists who’re always demanding more more more from companies and society under the guise of ‘you can do better’ or ‘you can do more for our cause’.

But what have the fat activists given in return?  What contribution did they make to society?  They’re just taking without giving anything back.  The greed is astounding.  It is never enough for these people, so when will society say enough is enough and stop with this nonsense?

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