Body Positive – Healthy lunches!

There’s no sense denying that there ARE young girls struggling with anorexia and bulimia in order to whittle themselves down to really thin proportions like runway models.  It’s heartbreaking to hear about it and to see photos of their emaciated bodies.  Reading about their diets is worrying because of the malnutrition it inevitably results in.

Yet, the Fat Acceptance and HAES movements, despite their so-called ‘beautiful’ personalities, capitalise on the suffering of those with anorexia and bulimia by using them as smokescreens instead of sympathising with them.  These super thin young girls are wasting away and, instead of empathising with them like what they demand for themselves, these FAM and HAES hypocrites claim that being thin equals starvation.

No.  It does not.

It also doesn’t mean being hungry all the time.



I won’t pretend that I don’t eat salads.  I do.  But it doesn’t mean that meals need to be boring.  There’s the gorgeous grilled veggie stack at Cedele with a yummy potato cake at the bottom and there’s also the smoked duck salad Shak, Yen Ling and I love so much at The Green Bar.



There’re also flavourful fish soups!  You can choose between healthier steamed sliced fish or the tastier fried fish chunks.  I usually opt for the latter, heh 😛  The above was eaten at some coffee shop along Beach Road and the pricier cod soup with brandy is available at Cafe 2000 at M Hotel.


TWG varies the fillings in their fabulous quiches, which are served with salads.  I never fail to order their fragrant teas to go along with my meals : )


Nando’s chicken tenders are made from real chicken and not processed ‘meat’ that fastfood chains like to use.  Juicy and soft chicken boobies drenched in their spicy sauce are very satisfying indeed!


I’m going stark raving mad about the grilled sea bass on eggplant in tomato coulis at Cedele.  Boy does it make healthy eating taste great!

In a nutshell, we’re not all supposed to be models.  If everyone is a model, then who else will fill the other occupations and be specialists in their fields?  What is important is taking care and making the most of what we were born and blessed with.  It’s only when we know we made the effort that we can be confident and resilient in the face of insults.

‘No!  You’re supposed to be weeping when we insult you because you can only think/talk/act like us, or you’re just a sad, sad retard’ – shriek feminists and manginas like Angry Man 😛

Couldn’t resist 😛

Wishing you fun,



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