Radical feminists and their so-called ‘misogyny’

Reading what radical feminists have to say (and they say A LOT), one would have the mistaken view that western men are all pompous, arrogant and rude bastards just waiting for the chance to tear down women.  I won’t deny that there’re such people, especially amongst the MGTOWs, but the majority of the western expats here are polite, friendly and *gasp* gentlemanly!

Maybe it’s because they were brought up by parents who instilled good moral values in them during childhood.  Maybe it’s because they’re educated.  Maybe it’s because they value appearance, which extends to behaviour and the way they treat people.  With most of the expats I encounter, they’re not as horrid as one expects them to be.  In fact, they’re very pleasant.

The British, Australians and Americans live and work amongst us.  Once in a while, a racist is exposed and sent packing (remember the Aussie who insulted locals while riding the train?).  However, the rest are respectful, courteous and accommodating.  Consequently, all interaction with them has been pleasant, even if we disagree about certain things.


*Bimbo mode on*  Misogyny?  Is it edible like miso soup?

I have to say that these boys have manners.  They hold doors open for us.  They actually look happy when we thank them and smile at them.  They yell out cheerful greetings.  They like exchanging stories about experiences in their respective countries versus living in ours.  They’re open and accepting of dining venues.  They’re intelligent and articulate.

They thank us for help and don’t hesitate to return the favour sometime later.  They have a wicked sense of humour and enjoy making people laugh with their razor sharp wit.  Their culture is very different from ours in that they’re very outspoken whereas we’re more reserved.  In a sense, they bring variety to our lives and it’s fun!

Online, the men feminists declare ‘misogynists’ are just as charming.  Despite the fact that we don’t always see eye to eye, most of the ‘misogynists’ have been nothing but respectful, cordial and polite.  I don’t receive any of those insults nor ‘objectifying’ whatevernonsenseitisthatradicalfeministsliketoallege from them at all.  The interaction is mostly pleasant, mostly respectful.

So no, many men aren’t misogynists at all.  But coming into contact with the vile radical feminists, I might as well be labelled ‘misogynist’ too!

Wishing you fun,



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