When in doubt, wear skorts!

In previous entries, I wrote about shorts being a godsend in our hot and humid climate.  Flutter shorts are more girly versions on those days we want to indulge our feminine side.  Another alternative is skorts.  An absolutely hot trend in 2015, they’ll continue to be fantastic wardrobe staples as the Year of the Fire Monkey rolls around in February.  The weather is notoriously hot in Wood and Fire element years, so don’t get rid of your shorts just yet!

There were so many lovely versions of skorts and culottes in 2015 that fashionistas were spoiled for choice.  I went a tad crazy and bought so many!  They’re so versatile that they can be dressed up or down in many different ways and paired with a variety of accessories.  I adore shorts and skorts for those times when my man whisks me away for short weekend getaways.

On flights or ferry rides, it’s good to be comfortable.  However, we don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort when there’re so many gorgeous designs and outfits available.  Sloppy isn’t a good look, even if the body positive community advocates wearing loose tees with sassy slogans when boarding a flight.  Here’s looking at you, Jes Baker 😛


Skorts can pass off as skirts but provide similar levels of comfort that shorts do.  Pair them with girly kitten heels (the golden bow ones I had on in this photo are from Staccato) and wedge heels for added style, or ballet flats if you need to do a lot of walking.  I bought this versatile printed pair off MGP Label.  They update their stock frequently, so check back often!

People born in the Year of the Monkey are youthful, vibrant, mischievous, playful and colourful characters, so I expect fashion trends to move in this direction once the lunar year arrives.  Shorts and skorts are exactly that.  Can hardly wait for Chinese New Year!

Wishing you fun,



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