Lookism and weightism

Fat activists protest against ‘lookism’, ‘weightism’ and discrimination.  Studies show that fat women are paid less than those who’re not and overlooked for promotions and raises.  Separate studies claim that jurors are more likely to find fat women guilty of criminal activity  Fat activists also complain that they receive poorer service quality compared to slender ladies.

While their frustration is understandable, it’s only rational to examine the other side of the coin.  There’re just as many overweight women who state that they don’t notice any difference in the way they’re treated.  The reason for this?  They take care of their appearance.  Those who complain about receiving lousy service frequently don’t make an effort to dress presentably.

Fat activists demand the right to wear what they want.  What they don’t get is, nobody is stopping them.  They can wear bright colours, crop tops and shorts.  They can show off their rolls and visible belly outlines if they so choose.  They can dye their hair in outrageous colours in order to be visible and draw attention to themselves.  But they shouldn’t forget that people around them have the right to have their opinions about their appearance too.


Companies have their respective corporate images to maintain.  When we attend an interview, the interviewers are meeting us for the first time.  Since they haven’t had the benefit of interaction with us, they can only base their assessment of us on our appearance.  If we don’t match their corporate image, we can’t blame companies for not hiring us.

Women who bother to groom themselves spend more money doing so.  Facials, trips to the salon, a varied wardrobe, good quality bags, shoes and fabric, so on and so forth.  Many of the fat activists demand cheap plus-sized clothing, then complain about the fit and quality.  Well, what did they expect?  They can’t have their cake and eat it too.  If they’re not willing to spend enough to look good, why should they be paid the same as those who do?

I won’t comment about the judicial system since I don’t have a good understanding of the way Courts function in the US.

As for service quality, it only makes sense that sales staff will gravitate towards customers who look like they’re more likely to spend and spend big.  If you’re dressed in what is obviously cheap, lousy quality and poorly fitting clothes, it’s less likely that you’ll part with your cash.  Remember, service staff don’t know us enough to assess our personalities.  They can only base their assessment on visible cues.

Like it or not, this is reality.  We’re not all born gorgeous.  But if we make an effort, it shows that we respect ourselves and people react to that accordingly.  Rather than complain and try to control the world, it’s easier to start working on ourselves.  Lookism will always exist, whether people express it or silently think it.  Take it or leave it.

Wishing you fun,



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